Best Seo Company in Trivandrum

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Best Seo Company in Trivandrum

How SEO Keys Can Help

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SEO Friendly Web Hosting – How To Choose The Right One

As someone who manages an online business, you will have a lot of things on your mind–from reaching new customers to meeting your sales expectations. Then there are the more technical stuff–search engine optimization, content creation, pay-per-click, social media marketing and so on. Best Seo Company in Trivandrum

If you choose the wrong hosting provider, your visitors will experience poor page load speed, poor security, page timeouts, and server errors–all of which will increase your bounce rate.

Server uptime guarantee

Server uptime refers to the amount of time your site is available to be accessed by visitors. The higher your website uptime, the more it is available, causing you to gain page rankings.

Nearby server location

Did you know the closer your web server is to your target audience, the better your website performance? If your target audience is in New Zealand for instance, hosting your website with a hosting company with servers in New Zealand will make it easier for your visitors to access your site. The farther your web server is from the people who visit your website, the longer it will take for your site to load. Your visitors may also experience other performance issues.

SEO best practices

SEO friendly web hosting is not a set of services your web host provides; instead, it is what they put in place to help you achieve optimization faster. For example, some web hosts restrict site owners from using Google bots in their robot.txt file, as this can cause a surge in bot traffic. While their reasons may be sound from a technical perspective, it can be counterproductive for your SEO as Google bots carry out website indexing.

A search engine friendly web host works in the background to help you achieve your online business goals. To ensure the success of your business in 2019, consider your hosting options more carefully.

How to increase page speed to improve SEO results

Page speed has been a part of Google’s search ranking algorithms for quite some time, but it’s been entirely focused on desktop searches until recently when Google began using page speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches as well.

If your pages are loading slower than competitors, there’s a chance you’re taking a hit in the SERPs. While the relevance of a page carries much more weight than page speed, it’s still essential to ensure your pages are loading fast for users and search engines.

Compress images

Large image files can have a significant negative impact on page speed performance. Images often represent the most significant portion of bytes when downloading a page. Compressing your images using an image compression tool will reduce their file size leading to faster loading pages for both users and search engines, which in turn will have a positive impact on your organic search rankings.

Leverage browser caching

Web browsers cache quite a bit of information, including images, JavaScript files, and stylesheets. The benefit is that when visitors revisit your site, the browser doesn’t have to reload the whole page. If your server does not include caching headers or if resources are only cached for a short period, then pages on your site will load slower because browsers must reload all of this information.

Google recommends setting a minimum cache time of one week (and preferably up to one year) for static assets, or assets that change infrequently. So, make sure you work with your web developer to ensure caching is set up for optimal page speed performance.

Decrease server response time

Numerous potential factors may slow down the response of your server: slow database queries, slow routing, frameworks, libraries, slow application logic, or insufficient memory. All these factors should be taken into consideration when trying to improve your server’s response time.

The most favorable server response time is under 200ms. SEO marketers should work with their website hosting provider to reduce server response time and increase page speed performance.

Avoid multiple landing page redirects

Having more than one redirect from a given URL to the final landing page can slow page load time. Redirects prompt an additional HTTP request-response which can delay page rendering. SEO Marketers should minimize the number of redirects to improve page speed. Check your redirects and make sure you don’t have redundant redirects that could be slowing load time.


SEO marketers must be analyzing and improving page speed. A great place to start is compressing images, utilizing caching, reducing server response time, enabling file compression, and removing multiple/redundant redirects.

I urge marketers to periodically use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool to check your load time and compare your website to competitors’ sites. The tool also provides specific, recommended optimizations to increase your site’s page speed performance.

As Google continues to favor fast-loading websites, it’s crucial that SEO Experts take necessary steps to ensure your site’s pages are meeting (and beating) Google’s expectations. Today, improving page speed is an essential aspect of any successful SEO Program.

The best seo company in trivandrum

The best seo company in trivandrum-Digital Marketing

The best seo company in trivandrum-Digital Marketing

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