Top Seo Company in Tamilnadu

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Top Seo Company in Tamilnadu

How SEO Keys Can Help

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

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You Know Small Businesses Need SEO, But Can You Convince them?

In this day and age, all businesses need SEO and an online presence. Not only does it put your business in the direction of at least 83 percent of shoppers doing online research before visiting a store, but it also prevents your competition from getting a leg up and reaching out to potential customers better than your business does. Top Seo Company in Tamilnadu

You, as an SEO business, understand how this works. But small business owners, most of whom are more focused on sales than marketing strategies, probably do not. Instead of looking for small business owners as a dangerous lead, consider their market an opportunity to expand your business. All you need to do is convince small businesses why they need SEO services.

Developing a Good Pitch

Before any successful client is a good pitch that convinced them to use your services, we don’t have to tell you how to sell SEO services, but if you find that you’re losing small business owners’ interest, there may be something wrong with the way you’re pitching your services.

If there’s one thing we can teach you, it’s that while there are some questions that apply to all businesses the necessary items such as the business name, the location, what they provide, etc., taking on small businesses means researching into their industry.

Remember, these are small business owners who most likely put their own money into starting their business. Chances are, they’re more focused on earning back on that money, so mentioning jargon such as “high conversion” and “greater traffic” means nothing unless you can explain how it helps them earn money.

Cite How They Can Compete Against Large Competitors

There’s a vast difference between the team of experts of a multi-national corporation and a husband-and-wife-owned shop. In terms of resources, McDonald’s will always trump the small hole in the wall serving burgers and fries. However, with digital marketing, small businesses stand a chance to earn some potential customers and get them to their business instead of with the major companies.

With local SEO, a small business can earn enough online visibility to compete on the same playing field with corporations. Sure, small business owners don’t have branches all over the country, but it could get the people around the area to know about their business and be piqued to visit.

Talk ROI, but in Layman’s Terms

Most small business owners are trying to spend less and earn more, so a digital marketing strategy may less likely be a part of their budget. Many people think that it’s just a huge expense that won’t have an ROI and assume they can think about getting SEO services only once their business takes off.

This is where you have to explain the financial side of SEO. Talk about ROI, but remember that these are small business owners, not the marketing department of a large business. Don’t be afraid to switch common terms used in the SEO industry for words or phrases that they would better understand. Using layman’s terms, tell them that the average ROI for SEO is $22 for every dollar spent.

Convincing small businesses to seek out SEO services means showing them they need it for their business. Yes, they will be spending more, but the money they spend will return to them in more significant amounts once they reach out to potential customers online and turn them into paying customers.

Top most seo company in tamilnadu - Digital Marketing

Top most seo company in tamilnadu - Digital Marketing

Why Do We Need Social Media Channels?

Are you tapping the business potential that social media channels have? Roma Kapadiya, Web Researcher and SEO Consultant talks in depth about the use of social media and how can it affect your business.

Social Media applications are the highest used web and mobile applications across the globe. People are spending more significant time on their smartphone than ever before. The statistics of global internet usage suggests an average of 135 minutes is spent on internet users per day on social media applications and this time is increasing every year. People can communicate with other people and share any media like messages, images, audios, and videos worldwide at their fingertips through the use of social media. Social media channels have the power to increase your brand awareness, help you reach global markets, expand your customer base and thereby, achieve exponential growth for your business.

A Quick Guide to Social Media Marketing Tools for SMBs

An updated GreenZone, few additional features evaluated and here comes the refreshed Buyer’s Guide no SMB can afford to miss!


Are you tapping the business potential that social media channels have? Let us know more about the use of social media and how can it affect your business.

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There are several reasons why people make use of social media and how it is useful.

It helps in making the users feel involved. They think that they can participate in things that are happening around the world.

It helps the users in raising their voice against an unjust act or issue. They can also come together and support a cause which can help them feel strongly about it.

It can help people in interacting with each other and developing relationships with other people living across the border.

It helps in sharing valuable information and also influences the audience this way.

It helps in marketing and advertising for a product and also creates a global presence for that brand and its products and services.

Most channels need a certain amount of lead time to generate a return on investment. So this way it helps in making revenue.

It can also help in giving quick results in terms of sales and revenue, in some instances.

There are four major types of social media.
1. Social Networks. The primary goal of any social network is to connect with people. These social media channels can be utilized for building relationships with different brands and companies. The major focus is to be the medium using which companies and the people who are using the products and services of these companies. This is why social networks are often known as Relationship Networks. Another purpose of using these platforms is to do tasks that are simple and easy to perform.

2. Blogging Networks. The publishing and blogging networks is a social media that plays a vital role in informing the users about any new content by way of publishing, discovering and remarking on different content created by other people. These blogging and content publishing platforms also work as brand representatives tools. They can release their material for the public to encourage them for engaging with the companies by way of commenting and sharing. There is a wide range of publishing and blogging networks. This includes blogging platforms like WordPress as well as Medium.

3. Media Sharing Networks. Media sharing networks mean the social media networks that can be used to share different media content like images, videos, etc. videos, photos. These media sharing networks have proved to be a fantastic asset for brands to promote their products and services. Media sharing networks can help you get in touch with an audience of hundreds and thousands of people. There is a fragile line between social networks and media sharing networks. But the thing that differentiates between the two systems is their primary objective.

4. Discussion Forums. These forums are social media networks that have been present in the market even before platforms like, and Twitter was there. These discussion forums allow users to upload their queries. Other users can then solve those queries by providing useful and informative answers to those questions. Discussion Forums are still a trendy way of connecting to other people.

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Summing it up

Now is the time when everybody is trying to make the most of the social media channels. Social media channels are not purely for connecting with other people and getting to know them. But, these channels can also prove to be extremely useful and helpful for businesses as they help in promoting and advertising their products and services. Social media is probably one of the quickest ways to get in touch with your target audience. As per the current market insights, no other medium or channel can be as helpful and consistent like social media applications. Marketing through social media channels can take your business to the ultimate heights and increase brand awareness by more than 50%.

Top most seo company in tamilnadu - Digital Marketing

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